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Herofest LARP Live Action roleplaying Festivals

Combining all of the fun of a Festival weekend and the rich detail of an established LARP/LRP campaign world. The events cater equally for veteran LARP role players and those with little or no role-playing experience. read on »


Herofest is a low hit and low fantasy LARP system, which is easy to master, no prior experience is required. read on »

Herofest LARP Live Action roleplaying Festivals


Event Unfortunately Cancelled Herofest Special Event 2 (9-11 Nov 18)
9th - 12th May 2019 HF34
Candleston Castle Campsite »
18th - 21st July 2019 HF35:
The Interplanar Fayre
Candleston Castle Campsite »
19th - 22nd September 2019 HF36 Candleston Castle Campsite »


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