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Harvest Tithe REsults at Herofest LARP

REsults from We Are Darkness, We Are Death, We Are Void

Territory Commodities Found By Whom
Shadow Dells
4 Tin & 4 Fey Hair Vagrants of Dionaite
The Mere
2 Sharks Teeth Summer Stars
The Highlands
  Indigo Territory is Tied
The Escarpment
8 Tin Azad-An
The Rift
8 Silk Worm Squires
  Quartz Territory is Empty
Starvale Peaks
2 Gold Warriors of the Crimson Winter
Dragur Marsh
8 Indigo Wee Scunners
East Waite
6 Tin The Horde
West Waite
10 Silver The Horde
Dragur Forest
4 Fey Hair Fenrisian
Summer Meadows
6 Sharks Teeth & 4 Sharks Teeth Squires
Fallow Hills
4 Gold Fenrisian
Bremmin Plains
4 Indigo Cabal of the Dragons
Gilden Far
2 Silver Wee Scunners
8 Indigo Knights of the Cold Dawn
Three Sister
10 Sharks Teeth Knights of the Cold Dawn
Last Gate Wood
4 Fey Hair Azad-An
The Spine
12 Gold Knights of the Cold Dawn
Pendragon Wood
2 Fey Hair Azad-An
4 Sharks Teeth & 4 Tin The Forgotten
Moss Flower Wood
12 Fey Hair Squires
6 Quartz Cabal of the Dragons
Foghorn Wood
4 Silk Worm Wizards Concillium
2 Tin Cabal of the Dragons
Misty View
4 Gold The Forgotten
Desolation Downs
4 Quartz Summer Stars
Oasis of Souls
12 Quartz The Horde
Dwimforth Vale
6 Silver Squires
Lost Wood
  Silk Worm Territory is Empty
The Greenheart
  Silk Worm Territory is Tied
Crown of Haval
4 Silver & 4 Fey Hair Keepers
Harvest Tithe at Herofest LARP

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Harvest Tithe at Herofest LARP


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