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The Squires at Herofest LARP

At Herofest LARP we welcome children under the age of 16 to come and take part in the various LARPing activities along with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

The Squires do not have a Nation of their own; all Nations send their upcoming faction members to train with the Squires

Whilst the Squires are involved in the same plot for each event as the adults, they are given their own missions to complete, in their own event style, away from the main event encounters - ably assisted by the parents of the Squires.

We do this so that the Squires don't end up fighting the main event players; we wouldn't like someone to get hurt if a break out of over exuberance occurs, and with potentially such a difference in size between the two.

The Squires do utilise the same rules as the adults, but we do give them extra bits and pieces to make their event enjoyable and to introduce them into the various aspects of the Herofest LARP rules system.

Squires Event - Early Bird Price

If you book and pay by

31st March 2019 for the May event
31st May 2019 for the July Event
31st July 2019 for the September Event

£30.00 per Squire

Squires Event - Booking / Paying at any other time

£40.00 per Squire

We do require all squires and their parents to adhere to the rules below.

Herofest LARP Rules for Squires

  1. A parent/guardian on the event is required to stay with the squires whenever they leave the area around the camps.
  2. After 9.30pm at night squires are no longer allowed in the main building.
  3. Squires may not enter the LARP combat area unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  4. After 10pm at night all squires are restricted to their own LARP camps.
  5. Squires without their own LARPing equipment can borrow costume from Herofest but will need to bring weapons with them or buy them on the day.
  6. All squires must follow the instructions of the parents and staff at all times, failure to do so will result in exclusion from further events.
  7. Squires must follow the LARP combat rules, anyone found to be cheating will no longer be allowed to fight.
  8. Parents are responsible for all equipment that the squires use during the various LARPing activities and should ensure they regularly check to ensure their weapons are safe.
  9. Squires should, where possible, converse with adults in character. We understand this is a learning process and we do not expect them to be perfect. Many adults have still not mastered this skill!
  10. Squires who own their own weapons are asked not to attack each other or other players in the safe area although sparring is completely acceptable if both sides consent..
  11. Any parent who is bringing children other than their own should follow these rules as if the child in question was their own.
  12. Parents / Guardians are required to help out by monstering the Squires event.
  13. A maximum of 2 Squires per adult - if you wish to bring more Squires that's fine, but please get another adult to come along and help out, as we feel it's unfair on our dedicated Squires monster crew, and 4 Squires is a lot for one adult to supervise when in camp or between Squires sections.

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If there are any questions you would like to ask about any of the above or about Herofest LARPing in general please contact Paul Matthews paul@herofest.co.uk

Squires at Herofest LARP


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