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Harvest Tithe Results

See the results from the Harvest Tithe at the Last Event - the Drowned Vale and the Interplanar Fayre



Following the destruction of most of the Nodes on Orin Rakatha, a worrying consequence has been found - with the Nodes of Death and Darkness still remaining, death is now closer than before - it will now only take 5 minutes from being Mortally Wounded for a character to die!! BEWARE!!


We've decided the menu for the Drowned Vale and the Interplanar Fayre event

Find it here »

Event Write Up

You can find out what happened when the Factions journeyed to the Moki Mountains here»

Harvest Tithe Results

See the results from the Harvest Tithe at the Last Event here»


We've decided the menu for the Moki Mountains event

Find it here »

Recent Report

Kori from the Halls of Asgard has written a report on a recent meeting with the Azad-An and the Valley. It contains information pertaining to the up coming gathering of Nations.

Read it here »

Herofest T-Shirts

If you'd like one of our original T-Shirts - "Skull or Death" or one of our new T-Shirts - "The Rules of Herofest"

Find out more here »

Misthaven Academy Journals

The latest Misthaven Academy Journal can be found here»

Harvest Tithe Results

See the results from the Harvest Tithe at the Last Event here»

Event Write Up

We have new write up's from our last couple of events

Read them here »

New T-Shirt Competition

We're running a competition to design our new T-Shirts!

Find out more here »

Herofest T-Shirts

If you'd like one of our original T-Shirts - "Skull or Death"

Find out more here »


See who gained through the Harvest Tithe at our last LARP event - The Deserted Fortress of the Oppawang

See Results here »

Menu for May 2016

We have now decided the menu for the next event, Deserted Fortress of the Oppawang

See it here »


See who gained through the Harvest Tithe at our last LARP event - The Festival and the Circus Macabre

See Results here »

Update June 2015 #2

We have clarified which part of the site Entangle will not work in - it will work in all other areas of the site!!!!

See Nature Power »

We have clarified when Strength may be cast

See Grey Magic »

Update June 2015

Following the Cataclysmic events of last year, and a number of activities during recent months, there have been a number of significant changes in our understanding of Orin Rakatha, and the capabilities of it's in inhabitants

Magic as we understood it, has significantly changed. It seems that the element of Orin Rakatha are more powerful and diverse than on the Orin Rakatha that we used to reside - consequently, there is no longer Elemental and Light & Dark Magic, there are now 8 Colours of Magic - Dark, Air, Earth, Water, Steel, Fire, Ice and Lightning - each with different Spells

What we knew as Life & Death is termed Power, as is the rediscovered Nature, and also Balance - each with Different Invocations

Find out about the different Spells and Invocations of Magic and Power »

With this change, there is a new Character Class available, which utilises the Sphere's of Power - called Priest, and consequently there have been some changes to the Mage class as well.

See Character Classes here »

Forage - has been changed now, so that anyone with the skill, will have to roam the site to locate the commodities they're foraging for!

Find out the new Forage details here »

Everyone is welcome to alter their existing character because of this update - if you wish to do this, then please email a booking form » with your revised character details to paul@herofest.co.uk »


See who gained through the Harvest Tithe at our last LARP event - Birth Right and the Harvest Tithe

See Results here »

Menu for July 2014

We have now decided the menu for the next event, The Interplanar Fayre: Last King of the Elves - July 2014?

See it here »

Pictures from The Long Road

We have added a new gallery from the latest event

See the pictures here »

Plot Updates for 2014

What can the Factions expect during 2014?

Find out here »

Pictures from The Time of Reckoning: Ikarus' Shadow

We have added a new gallery from the latest event

See the pictures here »

Pictures from The Interplanar Fayre: No One Expects...

We have added a new gallery from the latest event

For See the pictures here »

New Effects

We have added some new Monster effects you may encounter at Herofest LARP, including "Mass", "Lighting Bolt" and "Death"

For new Monster effects, see here »

Menu for the Interplanar Fayre: No One Expects...

We have put up the menu for the Interplanar Fayre: No One Expects...

For Menu, see here »

Ritual Magic Update

We have updated the rules for Ritual Magic

For Ritual Magic, see here »

Ritual Magic

We have now completed the rules for Ritual Magic, and the changes this makes to components & banking, character skills and Faction skills

For Ritual Magic, see here »

For changes to character skills, see here »

For changes to component & banking, see here »

For Faction skills, see here »


We now have pictures of the Interplanar Fayre and Time of Reckoning from 2012

See who was at the Interplanar Fayre 2012 »

Find out who was trying to retain their Tower at the Time of Reckoning 2012 »

Write Up's

We have published details of the Interplanar Fayre and Time of Reckoning from 2012

Find out about the Interplanar Fayre 2012 »

Find out about the Time of Reckoning 2012 »

Favour Standing

We have updated the Favour Standings from 2012

See how your Faction has done!! »

Hotel Prices for What's Your Game?

We have confirmed our initial prices for staying at the New County Hotel for What's Your Game? 2013

Check out the prices here »

New Events

We have now posted the dates and some information concerning our events in 2013

Have a look at next years events here »

Amended Navigation

We have altered our navigation relating to upcoming events and our past events

Menu for the Time of Reckoning 2012

We have now the menu for the Time of Reckoning 2012

See the menu »

Event Dates 2013

We have now posted our event dates for 2013

2013 Herofest LARP event dates »

Event Write Up's

We have now added some players eye view event write up's

Read the event write up's here »

Journey to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead

We have added the new gallery and the event write up from the last event, Journey to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead

See picture from the event »

Read the event write up »

We Have Moved

Herofest LARP has moved offices, but we still have the same phone number and email address

Find details of our new address here »

Banquet Details

We have updated our Banquet Weekend details, for timings, entertainment and menu

Find out about the Herofest LARP Banquet here »

New Blog from Herofest

See our new blog here, concerning our build weekend, and potential Tavern based mini event.

If You Build It They Will Come »

After the Time of Reckoning 2011

Following on from one of our most successful events, the Time of Reckoning 2011, Herofest LARP has undertaken some major updates to our website

On our home page, we have added a section where we at Herofest LARP can share our thoughts and musings - the first one titled "Broken Ovens and People - the best and worst of times"

Thoughts and Musings »

New Gallery for the Time of Reckoning 2011

See pictures from the Time of Reckoning 2011 »

We've now updates our rules section, to include the new character class of Mage, and the new magic skills. We've re-organised the Rules Navigation as well, to break down character and class & skills

See the revised Rules Section »
See the new Character & Skills section

We've also updated out list of Factions and their Favour standings after the Time of Reckoning, and introduced a section about former Towers, those who used to be on Orin Rakatha, but are no longer there!!

Find out about the Factions and former Towers »

Pictures from the Interplanar Fayre

We have started to put up some pictures from the LAPR event the Interplanar Fayre 2011.

See picture from the Interplanar Fayre here »

The Interplanar Fayre 2011

The Factions have returned from the Interplanar Fayre. What did they encounter and who won the right to host next years Fayre?

Find out here »

Time of Reckoning 2011

We are having amazing interest in the next event, so please can you make enquiries to us concerning food for this event before you pay, as we have a limited amount we can cater for.

Email paul@herofest.co.uk

Best Available Deals

There are only a coupe of days yet for you to book & pay to get our best available deals for the Interplanar Fayre 2011. Why not take advantage!!

Menu for the interplanar fayre 2011

We have now updated our menu for the Interplanar Fayre 2011. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to offer meals on an ad-hoc basis for this event, so please get your booking in.

Click Here to see the menu »

The Oasis of Souls

The Factions have returned form the Oasis of Souls, but what occurred there?

Find out here »

See pictures of the Oasis of Souls here »

Traders Announced for the Oasis of Souls

We are proud to announce Skian Mhor will be trading at the Herofest LARP event - The Oasis of Souls.

Find out about Skian Mhor on their website - www.skianmhor.co.uk

May 2011 - The Oasis of Souls

We are rapidly approaching the Oasis of Souls –

What will the Factions find when they get to the Oasis?
What is the meaning of the Ark of the Mystics?
What is the Mistweaver up too?

Find out this, and more at the event!

We are also approaching the time when the reductions for paying in advance change, so get your payments and booking forms in before the 6th April 2011 to ensure that you gain the benefit of our cheapest possible prices.

See our bookings page » Herofest LARP Bookings

Alternatively, if lump sum payments are difficult at the moment, why not take up one of our direct debit offers.

See our special offers page » Herofest LARP Special Offers

Our booking forms are available for download on the bookings page

Look forward to seeing you in May!

LARP Awards Nominations

Herofest is proud to announce that we have received 4 nominations in the 2011 LARP Awards.

To see what they're for, and for whom, have a look at our LARP Awards page » Herofest LARP Awards

Banquet Travel News

Hi All
Have received an update that there is a road block, if you are driving up from the South. I've been advised that you should do the following DO NOT take the A5470 towards Waverley Bridge. Instead, take the A523 to the A6, then the A6 towards Disley. Then the diversion is signposted.


We have now published arrival times for both Friday and Saturday, as well as the Banquet start time.

Find all the details here »

Banquet Weekender Prices

We have updated our pricing's to allow for single occupancy

Find all the details here »

Banquet Weekender

Find out the details of the Special Herofest & Heroquest Anniversary Weekender, being held at the Moorside Grange Hotel

Find all the details here »

Did the Factions keep all of their Towers at the Time of Reckoning?

Find out here!! »

Pictures from the Time of Reckoning 2010

See what the Factions got up too at the Time of Reckoning

Time of Reckoning GAllery »

Food at the Time of Reckoning

We are unfortunately not going to be able to offer food for sale on an ad-hoc basis at the Time of Reckoning 2010, due to the high demand for our meal deal. If anyone is unsure if they have already booked their meal deal, please contact paul@herofest.co.uk for clarification.

Scout's Bring News

The Faction Scouts have returned with news of the Kalid

Find out what the scouts have learned here »

New Skills for Non Combatants

We have introduced 2 new skills, available only to non-combatants

See the new skills here »

Magic Rules Update

Following the actions of the Factions various Magic's have been returned to Orin Rakatha.

See the new Magic Rules section for full details »

Catering at the Time of Reckoning

For the next event, the Time of Reckoning, we have asked that anyone wishing the Vegetarian Option please book their meals before they arrive at the event. Thanks

The Time of Reckoning 2010

Find out what a Time of Reckoning means, and what else is occurring on Orin Rakatha, at this time.

See the plot for The Time of Reckoning 2010 »

Menu for The Time of Reckoning 2010

We have now published the menu for Octobers event, The Time of Reckoning

Click Here to see the menu »

New Monthly Deal

We have now got a pay monthly deal for all those who don't wish to take up our Meal Deal

Click Here to see the new deal »

New LARP Supplier

We have added another new LARP supplier's details to our links page - The White Wizards Workshop

Click Here to go to our links page »

With Regret

We are sorry to announce that our Forum is being closed.
We thank all those who have used the forum.

Event Dates for 2011

We have now announced the event dates for 2011.

6-8 May 2011
8-10 July 2011
23-25 September 2011

All events at Candleston Castle Campsite »

What Happened at the Interplanar Fayre?

If you want to find out what happened during the Interplanar Fayre Herofest LARP event, read all about it here.

Write up for The Interplanar Fayre 2010 »

Pictures from the Interplanar Fayre 2010

Have a look at the pictures from the last Herofest LARP event, the Interplanar Fayre

Click here to see pictures from the Interplanar Fayre 2010 »

New Faction Announced!

At the recent Interplanar Fayre, Orlo, Master at Arms of the Mercenaries announced the creation of a new Faction, the Halls of Asgard

Read about the Halls of Asgard here »

Circle Aflame

Following the banning of the Morgothians for their nefarious deeds, they have been re-named Circle Aflame

Find out more about Circle Aflame here »

New Supplier of LARP Clothing and Equipment

We have added another quality supplier of LARP Clothing and Equipment to our links page - Chows Emporium

Find Chow under our links for Suppliers of all things LARP »

Games of The Fayre

The Summer Stars have announced some of the Games that will be run during the Interplanar Fayre. Have a read and make sure you're prepared!

View the Games Announcement here »

Magic has undergone a transformation

Now that the Keepers have returned the secrets of Light and Dark magic to the factions of Orin Rakatha this seems to have had an influence on elemental magic.

View the revised Magic rules here »


Following the Return to Devil's Island, the Mystics have announced the standings of the Factions

See the standings here »


As the faction most favoured following our return from Devil's Island, the Summer Stars invite all factions to meet for the Interplanar Fayre, at the Greenheart Forest on 1-4 July 2010

Return to Devil's Island Pictures

The Factions have just returned from Devil's Island, on the Keepers Ship the Red Agate commanded by Admiral Sarran

Click Here to see pictures of the event »

Rules Clarification

Please visit the rules page for a clarification on striking flying arrows

Click Here for Combat Page »

Maps of Our Worlds

If you want to see a map of Orin Rakatha and Akari Island, follow the links below

Map of Orin Rakatha »
Map of Akari Island »

New Look Website

We have, as you have probably noticed, up dated our website.
If you find any problems with the new site, please feel free to drop us a line

Click here to email us »

Safety and Non Combatants

If you wish to attend Herofest LARP, but do not want to fight, you may be a non-combatant.
We also want to make it clear to all our players, the type of terrain our events take place on.

Find out the details here »

Event Write Up

Did you miss what happened on our most recent LARPing event; Recruitment 2009?

Click here to find out what went on! »

Pictures from Recruitment 2009

See some recently added images from our action packed live role playing event - Recruitment 2009

Click here to see the pictures »

New Faction Page

See information about our newest LARP/LRP faction, the Jewelled Pavilion

Click here to see the Jewelled Pavilion »

Dates for Live Role Playing Events in 2010

Our complete event dates for 2010 are now displayed on the home page

Click here the 2010 event dates »

Pictures from Recruitment 2009

Find some new LARPing pictures from our latest event, Recruitment 2009

Click here for the new pictures »

What To Bring to a Herofest Event at Candleston

Find out our recommendations of the things we think you should and shouldn't bring with you to a LARP Herofest event

Click here for the details »

Find out what's through the Rift Gate

If you want information about the general history about Akari Island, the land through the Rift Gate, this is the place

Click Here for information about Akari Island »

Changes to the Squires LARP Faction

We have made some changes to the rules concerning Squires attending Herofest

Check out the New Squires Rules Here »

Recruitment 2009

Announcement about what is expected during this years Recruitment

To find out what is expected, Click Here »

New Rules for Recruitment 2009

New Potion Rules coming on the event

Battle tending to allow rapid tending of the fallen in a combat

2010 Event dates

23rd - 25th April

2nd - 4th July

1st - 3rd October

Pictures from the Interplanar Fayre 2009

See pictures from the latest Herofest - The Interplanar Fayre 2009

Click Here to view »

Weapon Length Clarification

Following question from our players, we have clarified our weapon lengths.

Click Here for our clarification »

Special Offers

We now give event discounts for Multi Event Payments, either lump sum or by direct debit

Click here for all the details »

New PAYPAL Payments

You can now pay for your LARP Herofest events via PAYPAL

Click here for details »

Revised Booking Forms

Following some problems,we have altered our booking forms to a Word 97-2003 format, so they are now editable on a PC

Link to booking forms »

Magic Skills & Spells

The Wizards Concillium guide for Magic

Find out more about magic and spells by clicking here »

Test of Factions Fighting Prowess

Orlo, the Master of Arms for the Mercenaries announces a competition

Find out more details here »

Faction Skills

Details about Faction Skills,commodities, and how they work

Find out more details here »

Monster Skills

Some monster can use some unusual effects.

Find out about the monsters skills here »

Minstrels Competition at the Interplanar Fayre

The Traders faction have announced details of a Minstrels Competition to be held at the Interplanar Fayre.

Find out more details here »

New Potion Making Rules for The Interplanar Fayre

See the various rules pages for potion making skills.


Cureative Potions - See the Healing rules »

Other Potion Making - See the Miscellaneous Rules »

Faction Sites

We now have individual sites for each Faction. If anyone has anything they would like to include on these sites, please feel free to Contact Us Here »

Dai-Fah-Dyne »

Morgothian »

Tombs of the Dymwan »

Wizards Concillium »

Shadowsfall »

Shadowsfall Keepers »

Squires »

Halmadons Heights »

The Summer Stars »

Mercenaries »


We now have a forum for all your conversational requirements!

Click Here to visit the Forum »


Pictures of our previous Herofest's can now be found in our gallery section »

Herofest 1 - The Interplanar Fayre 2008»

Herofest 2 - The Wedding »

Herofest 3 - Recruitment 2008 »

Herofest 4 - A Moment of Magic »


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