What's Your Game

What's Your Game Bring and Buy Stall

There will be a Bring and Buy stall at ‘What’s Your Game’.

For those of you who are new to this concept here is how it works –

  1. You decide that you would like to sell some of your old LARP items on the stall.
  2. You email paul@herofest.co.uk to register and you will be given a code.
  3. You download the form fill it out and send it to paul@herofest.co.uk .
  4. At WYG you go to the bring and buy stall and hand over the items listed on your form.
  5. You ensure each item is clearly priced with your code on the back of the price tag. If you are bringing clothing items, please bring coat hangers to display them on, as they sell much better this way.
  6. The person on the stall will check them with the list you sent in and sign to say they have received them on the stall.
  7. Whenever an item is sold it will be ticked off on the sheet.
  8. When you wish to leave you go and collect any unsold items and or the money from the sold items. You sign the sheet to say you have received your money
  9. The stall takes 20% of whatever is sold; minimum £1 and rounded up to the next pound.
  10. Everyone is limited to a maximum of 10 items.
  11. The stall is not responsible for anything brought from the stall – all items will be sold as seen.

Download Bring and Buy Stall Form here »

If you have any questions please email paul@herofest.co.uk


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