What's Your Game

Traders Attending What's Your Game?

What's Your Game by Herofest LARP

Confirmed Traders

S2 Cowleys Fine Foods cowleysfinefood.com/
S3 Enigma  
S4 Pre-Loved LARP  
S5 Kings Lifeguard of Foote  
S6 Bring and Buy What's Your Game Bring and Buy
S7 Enigma  
S8 Pre-Loved LARP  
S9 Valhalla Mead www.valhallamead.co.uk
S10 Moremead www.moremead.co.uk
LB11 Mystrigue Creations / Warner Workshop www.facebook.com/Mystrigue-Creations-
LB12 Magic Mead www.magicmead.co.uk
LB13 Northern Kingdoms www.facebook.com/WitcherNorthernKingdoms
LB14 Crimson Moonwww.crimson-moon.co.uk
LB15 Lamia, Offa Studios, Skian Mhor www.lamialeather.co.uk
LB16 Lamia, Offa Studios, Skian Mhorwww.skianmhor.co.uk
LB17 Lamia, Offa Studios, Skian Mhor www.offa.com
LB18 Wonderlust Couture  
LB19 Wonderlust Couture  
LB20 Wonderlust Couture  
IM21 Twisted Goblin Amrourywww.facebook.com/Twistedgoblins
IM22 Umbra Armoury www.facebook.com/UmbraArmoury
IM23 Masquerade www.masquerade-gifts.com
IM26 The Artful Magpie  
IM27 The Artful Magpie  
IM28 Profound Decisions www.profounddecisions.co.uk
IM29 Sammi's Trinkets www.sammifletcher.com
IM31 Das Shoppe  
IM32 Akurite Empire, Akoras Artifactsakuriteempires.webs.com/about-us
UE33 Huntley Wood www.huntleywood.co.uk
UE34 The Vale www.thevalelrp.co.uk
UE35 Stardust Larpcraft www.facebook.com/stardustlarpcraft
UE36 Stardust Larpcraft www.facebook.com/stardustlarpcraft
UE37 Whistlers Workshop www.facebook.com/whistlersworkshop
UE38 Seaflower Institute www.seaflower-institute.com
LE39 Eldritch www.eldritch.com
LE40 Eldritch www.eldritch.com
LE41 LARP Inn www.larpinn.co.uk
LE42 LARP Inn www.larpinn.co.uk
LN43 Curious Pastimes www.curiouspastimes.co.uk
LN44 Gems Trading www.gemstradingco.co.uk
LN45 Gems Trading www.gemstradingco.co.uk
LN46 Chows Emporium www.chowsemporium.co.uk
LN47 Chows Emporium www.chowsemporium.co.uk
LN48 Chows Emporium www.chowsemporium.co.uk
LN49 Amber Wolf Workshop www.facebook.com/Amber-Wolf-Workshop-
LN50 Gems Trading www.gemstradingco.co.uk
LN51 Gems Trading www.gemstradingco.co.uk
LN52 Craeftigan www.facebook.com/Craeftigan1
LN53 Craeftigan www.facebook.com/Craeftigan1
LN54 Craeftigan www.facebook.com/Craeftigan1
LN55 Taylor'd Weapons www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014613032584
LN56 Irregular Props www.irregularprops.com
UN57 Having A LARP www.havingalarp.com
UN58 Having A LARP www.havingalarp.com
UN59 Having A LARP www.havingalarp.com
UN60 Jaunty & Rakish www.jauntyandrakish.co.uk
UN61 Jaunty & Rakish www.jauntyandrakish.co.uk
UN62 Millstream Forge www.millstreamforge.co.uk
UN63 Fun Hair Stuff www.funcostumestuff.co.uk
UN64 Virium Entertainment & Kestrel FX www.greencloaks.co.uk
EXT1 Firehound Forge www.facebook.com/Firehoundforge
CB1 Herofest www.live-roleplaying.co.uk

Traders Booking details for What's Your Game are here »

For more information, or to post your completed booking, contact Paul Matthews at Herofest LARP/LRP, Unit 42A/6, Morelands Trading Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL15RZ.  Alternatively email us for information or details on how to make a What's Your Game booking at: paul@herofest.co.uk

What's Your Game by Herofest LARP