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The Valley

Herofest LARP New Factions

THe VAlley Nation Location

Adjacent to the Rainbow Lake

NAtion LEader: 

The Council of Lords


Former from the plane of Murandir, the Valley came to Orin Rakatha over 20 years ago. Since they have been involved in many of the situations that have cropped up on Orin Rakatha, and have been active on many other planes as well.

Since the recent Cataclysm, the Mystics chose them as the Voice of the Mystics, through the Oracles who reside in the Temple of the 4 Winds

Herofest LARP New Factions


Event Unfortunately Cancelled Herofest Special Event 2 (9-11 Nov 18)
9th - 12th May 2019 HF34
Candleston Castle Campsite »
18th - 21st July 2019 HF35:
The Interplanar Fayre
Candleston Castle Campsite »
19th - 22nd September 2019 HF36 Candleston Castle Campsite »


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