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Hunting Moon and the Bravos Blade - by Kori

This gather started with the Return of Bear Clan under Jarl Murtagh Scotia, declaring them had found a portal back to the Northlands and they return with dire news that a new threat to Homeland

 Had arisen in our absence. The Orcs and shadow creatures that occupy the fallen Stag land were now raiding the Clan land on the border. To this end he had created the Hermadr Alliance between Ediko Ironbreaker of Horse Clan & Murtagh Scotia Jarl of Bear Clan, with Magnus Dalr Braegr to act as the Steward. It was agree that this issue would need to be discuss further in a full moot.

While we await the arrival of Jarl Roland and Wolfgar Roland. Murtagh Scotia told us he had hear reports of the arrival of the mysterious Individual from Bear Clan legend known as the “Green cloaks” supposedly lead by an curse immortal Individual who could never die and thus never reach Valhalla, Hence he ban with other individual to bring his justice to those he disliked.

Arrival of the Winter Warrior with instructions from war to change the item of renown from Master shadow we had won earlier in the year at the interplanar festival back into the legendary Asgard Spear of Might.
Soon Jarl Rodan arrived and inform us that Wolfgar Roland would not be able to make the gathering as he was consolidating his purge of Loki loyal forces. So Rodan would be leading us as an acting Bretwalda.

The Northland Mission to reclaim the Stag Land from the orc hordes.

Join the Azan-An Patrol, where we came to the rescue the lone dymwan, who was under attack by undead that he could not control, said he was heading toward a nearby ruins where some kind of unusual portal had open up. While journey there to investigate further we were unprovoked attack by a Khalid patrol who were swiftly dealt with. Given the increasing numbers of undead I join force with an Azan-an guide to create a Mini Rituals to allow the patrol temporary access to the Asgard faction power of flat of blade thus increase our weapon options against the undead.  Upon arriving at the stone ruined we encounter hostile Guardians and Lighting elementals, who provide difficult to dealt with principle as in the dark it became hard for the mix of faction in the patrol to identify friend from foe. The recommendation was some sort of tabard or badge should be agreed on to help identify nations members on patrol, perhaps the colours of the former Valdemar (Blue and Red tabard), however given the current laws of Orin Rakatha I suspect we will need to wait till the next time of reckoning.

As darkness fell suddenly Shadowman started to raid the maid hall and attack lone Asgard, it was quickly notice that they seemed much more physical substantial than previously encounters.

During the fight a strange spherical item was discover by Ediko Ironbreaker and soon some sensible and wild theories were going round the faction about what the item was and it connection to the Shadowmen.

Thus I talk Rodan into allow me to perform the ritual of knowledge to correctly identify this strange item. During the ritual the Shadowmen come up to the ritual circle walls demanding “that it be given back” Our Asgard Guard lead by Magnus did a good effort to keep them away but the Shadowmen seem bolder than ever.

Eventually the ritual of knowledge reveal the image of a bowl of fruit, at which point we went and asked the Misthoven academy field professor if they knew what it was and the strange item was reveal to be a “Bumble fruit” one of the rare item the Academy was searching for, so we turn it over to the Academy for some credit.

So we were left wondering do Shadowmen like Bumble fruit or were we getting mix messages and they were after the Ravens Blade per there normal wishes.

Rumours reached my ears that an auction for procession of Orin Rakatha that Master Coin was going to win and take away everyone nations, seem far fetch to me as the land is sentient and thus trying to own it would be slavery and thus bring the wraith of the black pharaoh and the Valley down on any one foolish enough to try. However the Vagrants of Dionaite being newer to the world were deeply concern and decide the best way to stop Master Coin was to try and banish master coin to another plane of existence. They intend to do two ritual one of knowledge to see how to do it and then another to enact this ill thought out plan. So while I left Guthix to assist with the ritual of knowledge, I took warning to War representative the winter warrior. In the meantime Master Nature pretend to help them by lend them the demon process Summer Star ritualist, who goes crazy when sealed inside the ritual circle walls. Sadly the Vagrants of Dionaite fell for the trick and were cur down, just as winter warrior arrive and deliver them a warning on behalf of master war “Not to act impetuous, as act against one master was an act against all of them”.

It was mention that the auction was not till tomorrow if it even happened.

In the aftermath of this event Master Knowledge let slip that the masters of Lore have real name as well as the titles that they are commonly known by.

Something strange occur for the Asgard warriors after the twelve hour went a visiting the other nations camps in hope of drinks and cheers like we have done at many previous gatherings only to find many dark doors and camps asleep, in the end we retreat to the mead hall and had a very lonely night by ourselves.

The morning start unusually sombrely with breakfast. On the whole the morning was quiet and so foraging and a hunt for the supplies request by Misthoven academy.

Toward the middle of the morning it was discovered that Guthix Wolfbane of dragon clan had let a member of the Humacti or perhaps it was a member of the black circle talk him into trying a Vita-mancy ritual to contact his disgraced brother in an attempt to get answers. Sadly he refused to allow anyone else join him in his attempt and his naïve attempt somewhat upset Lady Death resulting in the ritual walls glowing blood red before she drop a cause mortal on him. So somewhat of a failure as ritual go. This forced me to have to ask the Asgardian gods to open the ritual walls to allow a rescue attempt. Which they kindly did, sadly I was less successful in pleading with Lady Death to allow me to recover Guthrix body and resulting also promptly got cause mortal as well for my efforts. Thankfully two of our Valkyrie healers were able to deliver Cure mortal and allows us to give Lady Death a better apology and leave the ritual circle. Then only for Guthrix to declare the ritual a huge success as he got to speak with his disgrace brother, but he would not share what he learnt with anyone else. So not endearing him to his rescuers.

After the fun of the ritual experiment we did the main ritual of transformation and with a burst of blind light we were able to transform the sword of Master Shadow back into the Spear of Might, with this weapon of legend back, there is nothing we need fear.

Around the late morning the Vagrants of Dionaite held there ‘Fay Pride’ event in which they walk from their camp to the common ground outside the waystation tavern waving signs and chant about their pride in being Fay Creatures and calling for equality of all species on Orin Rakatha. Still there drink and games like match the two half of mythological creatures or knock wooden block towers down.

Lunch was spend in silence studying the various nation Harvest tithe moves.

Shadowsfall Judges and Shadowsfall Keepers had a quick meeting to discuss the changes since they lost they place as most favourite sons of the Mystics, nothing of great value was discussed.

The Asgard decided to visit the last order bar of the Cold Dawn and try there drinks. We were soon join by the Keepers and over a few drink we had some pleasant discussion about the state of the festival and during my talks with Tiberius Rak we agree the growing lack of faith on Orin Rakatha is of concern. We agree to hold more formal talks about this matter at a later time and see if we could find common ground to restore people levels of faith.

Master War and Master Nature order they forces into the field to take down the forces opposing General Kang, as he represented something new and change which they favoured. Unsurprisingly the side with the Halls of Asgard, the Horde and the Summer Stars on prevail. Thought the Wizard Concillium were heard to complain about the benefits of Master War Horn to the battle. 

At this point I receive a summons back to the Halls of Asgard nation and so events after this are based on events as report back to me by other Asgard.

After Dinner The Masquerade was held and many fine mask and costumes fill the way-station but in the end it was judge to have being won by the Warriors of the Crimson Winter who’s prise was gain an unknown item of renown, perhaps the Bravos Blade?

It seems that that the Azan-An and master coin reach some sort of deal over the festival land ownership based upon them paying the master a tax of some sort. (But post event rumours suggest master coin later tried to bankrupt the Azan-An and the Valley alliance had to step in – the details of which are unknown to us).

At this point the Black Pharaoh in his human form, made his displeasure with ‘his children’ i.e. the masters of lore publically know. He got the master cowing from him, it end when he left taking ‘his daughter’ Crow away for retraining in the art of evil.

With that the nations split for the night drinks before heading back to their nation lands.  


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