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Meeting the Azad-An and the Valley - by Kori

From Office of the Jarl of Kjoiafell

Public Announcement regarding Raven jarl Kori meetings with the Azad-An and the Valley People in regards to the next festival gathering.

On Steel day 4th of Hunter moon 2AC, as instructed by Wolfgar Roland I lead a small party of Asgard to me with the representatives of the Azad-An, regarding the next festival and the ongoing Void threat. Also at this meeting were representatives of Summer Stars and the Shadowsfall Keepers, The Forgotten/Court of a Thousand Swords and Knights of the Cold Dawn.

To summarise the meeting.

It seems that the prior conversation between the Azad-An and the Valley as the Voice of the Mystics, had identified that one of the things to re-install the nodes was blood from now extinct (on Orin Rakatha) Bloodlines. However, the Azad-An had acquired a lead that some-one from one of the required bloodlines could be found on the plane known as Axos. Sadly as Axos is the plane of Evil Sphere, this would cause some severe logistical problems for the Festival.

The major problems with a festival mission to Axos would be:-
With no access to the Good Sphere would mean that the Azad-An could not establish the Festival Boom/Bane on those in attendance (i.e. no levelling effect) thus making older and more establish faction much stronger and allow them to deploy individuals with special abilities or greater strength to the gathering. The Azad-An also fear that the presence of uneven strength was highly likely to encourage some nations to use the opportunity to settle old scores/blood feuds.

It would also mean the Azad-An would be unable to establish any ‘aura of serenity’ around camps or provide ‘The Festival Waystation Tavern’ as a central safe place for those in attend to gather and be fed.

Also, the strong influence of the evil sphere on Axos means the Azad-An fear trying to establish the Ritual Circle via neutral sphere was an uncertain gamble and even if it was established nations using rituals would like be restricted to an evil sphere rituals only, again making the festival uneven. From liaison with nations that had previous undertaken past missions to Axos, it was clear that a high number of combat and magic encounters could be expected especially with more powerful ‘evil’ monsters.

While I’m sure my Asgard kin would welcome these additional challenges and the extra opportunity for a glorious death in battle, it was clear from the meeting that hold the festival on Axos would not suit many festival nations and something would need to be done to restore the festival balance.

Azad-An also informed us that the Valley Nations seem of the general opinion that the Nations of the festival, including the Halls of Asgard were not actively assisting with defending Orin Rakatha from the void threat, and thus there would not be look on favourable at the next time of reckoning, when the void was defeated.

It was therefore agreed amongst those in attendance to take immediate action. The Azad-An ask each nation in attendance to seek out a Valley party with some official authority to discuss the issues.

It took most of the day for my Raven Asgard party to locate a suitable Valley group. During this time, we were caught up in the Forgotten/Court of a Thousand Swords internal dispute, something to do with a Red King/Black Queen, the details weren’t clear to me, and further intel should be obtaining at the next gathering. We were repeatedly engaged by void creatures. We did encounter representatives of the Dymwan family Serene, who were using undead creatures to fight the Void. Their leader was quite disparaging of the Asgard achievements and all festival nation in general. Given his group strength in numbers and the higher priority mission, the insults were tolerated for the time being.

In late afternoon, we encounter most peculiar void creatures dressed in Orange robes and Feather head dresses; they demanded the return of their property. Unable to help we were force to defend ourselves and dispatch this group.

Not long afterwards my scout reported a destroyed waystation but seeing a valley party at another nearby waystation. I took the shaman Alannah and approach the group. We discover evidence that a hepath ritual had been recently completed by the Valley party. Upon entering the waystation, it was clear they did indeed travel with an individual member whom wore the voice of mystic colours and most of the party had residual Hepath teleport magic upon then. A discrete magical message spell was sent to the Azad-An.

We were soon joined by representative of the Laire Tinwé (Summers Stars), Shadowsfall Keepers and Azad-An. Thus, the more important meeting occurred.

In Summary: -
The Valley are feeling isolate in responding to this Void threat and would welcome more active support from the other nations.

Their falling out with the Wizard Concillium meant they were restrict from accessing the world gate, this in turn reduce their abilities/options to travel off Orin Rakatha and locate people of the required bloodlines.

Having visit the Warriors of the Iron Islands, (that bunch of Norse the ignorant mistake for Asgardians). They had managed to enter a dream realm and recover a mist gate pre-set to the Otomi Home plane of the Moki Mountains. Unfortunately, the Iron Island magic was hepath base and the responsible hepath was void tainted and was thus sending Void creatures in the appearance of the Otomi warriors to attack the party and try to retake the mist gate. These were the creatures in Orange with Feathers we encounter earlier.

The Valley Leader an individual name Felix said they intend to take the mist gate back to their nation and sent a mission to the Moki Mountain, given that the gate address was Evil, Earth and Necromancy, they wish to be prepared to encounter multiple groups of undead and potentially earth elementals.

After establishing with the Azad-An that while Moki Mountains did fall under the evil sphere it was unlike Axos in that the Good Sphere could still be reached for power and spells. After a bit of internal festival discussion, it was agreed that if the Valley agree to swap missions. The Shadowsfall Keepers would give safe passage on the Reliquary to and back from Axos at for a Valley party at a time to be agreed separately later. In exchange the Azad-An and festival nations would use the mist gate and go to Moki Mountains and seek out the Individuals and/or artifacts to allow the Otomi Bloodline restoration on Orin Rakatha.

After a bit of posturing and minor fine point agreements the deal was agreed. The Keepers representatives guarantee safe passage to/from Axos, but sensible weren’t going to hang around in the interim. While the Azad-An took ownership of the Mist-gate.

With the deal agree we return to our respective nations.


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