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The Deserted Fortress of the Oppawang - by Kori

Disease ridden peasants fleeing Shou-Lun have continued to bolster the armies of General Kang of the Keisora Dynasty that now hold sway over the lands of the Festival and few nations can muster sufficient forces to directly oppose them.

Since the cowing of the Masters of Lore by the Black Pharaoh few of them have been seen traversing the lands, choosing to hold close to their nodes of power and the lack of their sway has re-kindled old animosity between many of the nations.

No one disagrees that General Kang is a threat to the Lands of the Festival and so the opportunity for the Nations to meet to settle their differences on safe ground is need and thus all Nations have being called upon to send those that would normally journey to the Festival Lands to pass through a Mist Gate to the lands of Shou-Lun. Where the Azad-An have agreed to set up camp there at a nearby abandoned village on the edge of a shallow sea, by a great forest stands the Deserted Fortress of the Oppawang, This village will form the base of operations for the nations.

According to the shared Valley and Azad-An intelligence the Oppawang, was a malevolent spirit twice destroyed by the members of the Valley, who was also a powerful alchemist and it is believed locked within his deserted fortress we would found the cause and hopefully the cure for the plague that has devastated Shou-Lun.

The nations hope that the people of Shou-Lun can be persuaded to stay put if the cure for the plague is found. If this can be achieve the Nations can return to challenge Kang at the Interplanar Fayre without his constant supply of foot soldiers.

Beside myself this gathering the Halls of Asgard Party consist of Wolfgar/ Bretwalda Roland Sigurdsson, Bear Jarl Murtagh Scotia. Eagle Jarl Rodan, Horse Jarl Ediko, Huscarl Ulric Ulfredsson, Vortigan the Simple Woodcutter, Bawlder the Beserker, Magnus Dalr Braegr, Bandit and Vlad, Guthix Wolfsban, Faelyn, Tyvus Skyborn and Cub, Jan the fire shaman and her mysterious friend.

As far as could be told the masters of Knowledge, Nature, War, Rage, Justice, Waystation and Ice also travel through to Shou-Lun. The allegiance of nations was believe to be:-

Knowledge            -               The Forgotten, Wizard Concillium and Shadowsfall Keepers
Nature                    -               Laire Tinwé (The Summer Stars) and the Horde
War / Rage            -               Halls of Asgard
Justice                    -               The Legion, Grey Thorn Carnival and Warriors of the Crimson Winter,
Waystation            -               Wee Scunners and the Vagrants of Dionaite
Ice                           -               Warriors of the Cold Dawn

It should be noted that the group known as the Yalari were also present, their loyalty remains a mystery.

While I was wait in the temporary wooden building we had decide would make a good temporary Meadhall for our stragglers we had a visitor. A lady in Red from the Misthaven Academy, Mrs. Ampersan Spellweaver who I had a most unexpected chat about her specialist in the Void and Chaos. We touched briefly on the nation’s ignorance of the Void and the Asgard belief and acceptance that the creatures of the void are the enemy of all and are a clear danger to all Nations, Something Ampersan did not seem to agree with. With the arrival of former Ravernwolf Roland, Ampersan took her leave of us.

While we await more of the Asgard to arrive I went and spoke with the Misthaven Academy Field professor Istan Spellweaver about how best to defend against Vampire like Vestitor Di Chiatta, as I suspect he going to want his blood money soon and I am not sure if we can afford to pay up. He said they might be some sort of ritual performable but with no Kern Valley Humacti, Dymwan or Legion at this gathering the best people would be to speak would be the Vangrieves currently found within the Vagrants of Dionaite nation camp.

After speaking with Vangrieves, it seems on their plane world there are living vampires like them which is somewhat unique but there natural enemy are the ‘Dirty Blood’ undead Vampires they agree to provide some ritual help in a mutual defence pact against undead ‘Dirty Blood’ Vampires at a future date. 

As the Halls of Asgard gathered around Roland as he made his introduction to the newer Asgard members, Master War arrived with an all too familiar figure dress in armour adorn with symbols of the wolf. It didn’t take long to establish that this was indeed the former Winter King Malika, formerly of the Mercenaries of the Mirror plane. Here War wanted him as a symbol of the revered wolf and to challenge what gave Roland the right to lead the Asgard never mind call himself Wolfgar of the Asgard.

This lead to some heat arguments as both myself and Shaman Guthix Wolfsban defend Roland honour and right to lead. However Jarl Murtagh Scotia of Bear Clan was notable silent and Malika pick up on it and directly question him. Jarl Murtagh admit to have never met nor fought alongside Roland so he couldn’t pass judgement.

Malika told Roland that he need to prove he did indeed have the spirit of the Wolf and earn the right to be the leader the Halls of Asgard. Be taking this party to glory or at least die trying.   

Before he left War announce that as his and Master Rage interest were the same here and he had other things to pursuit elsewhere he would be leaving the Halls of Asgard under his brother Master Rage direction.
Roland first called a moot of the Jarl to discuss the current tactile situation, cover the problems with the Green-cloak being misidentified as Asgard agents, The Vampire Vestitor Di Chiatta blood debit and the suitable rituals required for this gathering.

Then as per War and Malika instruction that to improve battlefield command the smaller clans were to be put under one of the Historic/traditional major five clan when we were in the field of Shou-Lou or Orin Rakatha. This had no bearing on clan structure elsewhere. It was agreed that:-

Horse Clan will come under Swan Clan.
Dragon Clan will come under Raven Clan.
Boar Clan will come under Bear Clan.
Leaving Lion Clan to come under Eagle Clan.

Master Rage soon appeared and instructed the Halls of Asgard to the nearby circle of combat. Roland instructed me to take the high ritualist and devote to the ritual circle to perform all four Asgard faction rituals, where we encountered the Mrs. Ampersan Spellweaver and her other half Mr Istan Spellweaver, a master alchemist of the Misthaven Academy.  As usual at the allocated time we enter the circle and successful performed our rituals.

As we made our way back to the mead hall we spotted our fellow Asgard in combat behind the stockade at the circle of combat. Upon our arrival the battle seem won but it seem unclear who had being fighting or why.

It soon became clear some sort of incident had occur with two archer of the Laire Tinwé who claimed that we had without reason and undeclared attack them dishonourable from behind.  A quick investigation reveal they had indeed being attack by two of the newer berserkers because Master Rage had identified them (perhaps wrongly) as sneaking up behind us draw there dishonourable bow on our warriors. Jarl Murtagh was charge with their punishment for this act of dishonour. This did not satisfy the elves of the Laire Tinwé and they decide to tell everybody about what they decide to call the incident of shame by Laire Tinwé who refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing on their members’ part.

At the twenty hour we travel to the tea room to meet with members of the Celestial Bureaucracy to further understand the stars. It seems that after the last defeat of the Oppawang by the Valley his Alchemical Laboratory had being ransacked by the locals and various things had escaped. Some local claimed a plague knight roam the countryside spreading the disease, while other claim pale face fey in black possible linked to the dark fey were seen to be poisoning the local rivers and wells. It was claimed to cure the disease and put this realm back into balance that a seven alchemical potions would need to be created one for each of the Master in attendance plus the non-present Master Fire and then via a ritual these seven potion need to be combined into the one cure. The problem was the only alchemist vessel stronger enough to contain it was the one that currently contain the Oppawang. It was agreed that the nations would speak with their respective masters to get their respective alchemical recipes. While the squires would be charge with obtaining the Oppawang vessel.

By the next hour we had meet with Master Rage and he agree to obtain Master War recipe for us but warned us that his agents told him someone plan to seize the Shadowsfall Keeper ship and that we need to go defend it and kill all the attackers. So we muster and race to the location of the Keepers Ship, where we found it under seize from a party of True blood Khalid. So we assist the Keepers with defending their ship. However in the midst of this delightful battle, the Keeper decided to call an armistice and negotiate with the Khalid attackers. Seem this Khalid true blood party had being left behind on a previous excursion and just want to get home to Orin Rakatha. Even when it was explained that the Khalid Caibiti had rebelled and slew the true blood. The Keeper bizarrely chosen to offer them safe passage to Orin Rakatha rather than give them a quick honourable battle death then and there. Then to add insult to injury and declare the Asgard their enemy and aided by the Wizard Concillium they did secretly escort these Khalid to the waystation, so that the Azan-an could arrange for their return to Orin Rakatha. So Khalid Caibiti could massacre them later.

Returning to our Mead hall we encounter a small force of spear men of Governor of Akari Island's ‘Heron Blades’ they demanded a tax of five gest per head, so natural we told them where to go with a sharp blade. Naturally they attack but for some reason Rodan, Murtagh and Ulric were around to lead the shield wall with the result that the fresh blood lead by Cub rather than hold the line by the mead hall decided to a disastrous battle as they break and charge rather than hold till the spear people were fell. Thankfully the other returns after the Governor men had left and thanks to neutral power goodberry incantation were able to pick up the fallen.

At tenth hour of the evening Tan lead a small group to hear the former Khalid Centurion Drax Kowan to speak at the near-by stocks, where we learn a little more about the plague knight and the fate of the various alchemical potion items. Master Rage brought us War alchemical recipe known as the Blood of War and one bottle of an unknown alchemical substance which I took over to the Misthaven academy tent for identification. While they I use my senior fellow status to learn the alchemical symbols for the items need for the blood of war. During this conversation Istan Spellweaver reveal that identify one of items held by Tiberius Rik of the Cold Dawn as one of the ingredients we sought. So Guthix and myself start to head that way only to be intercept by Master Rage and instructed to go there to listen to more information from a member of the celestial brotherhood.

We learnt more information about the alchemical process need to restore this plane to its rightful place within the neutral sphere. Afterward we had a brief chat with Tiberius and exchange our alchemical bottle for the one we needed. Then we stop to enjoy the hospitality of the Cold Dawn bar and I help out Tiberius Rik with his theist for the Misthaven academy on the religion of Orin Rakatha, in exchange for a bit more information on the believes of the Cold Dawn.

While we were doing this it seems that Vortigan the Simple Woodcutter had gone to visit the Laire Tinwé to try and smooth over the damage done early in the evening. It seems that Vortigan being of dragon blood provided a rambling attempt of an explanatory just aggravate the matter, especially his repeat use of the phrase ““I am but a humble wood-cutter”. When Jarl Rodan learnt of this he went over to try and assist with the matter only to discover the ugly statue they switch between calling Gnorman Elias's had a store Cause Mortal spell which Rodan manage to trigger when he touch it. To which the Elves found funny.

In the hour before the witching hour we were join at the mead hall bar by members of the Wee Scunners but our drinking and tale telling was interrupt by a Lonely spirit marks the loss of her brothers. Seems that the spirit was a female members of the river traders of Orin Rakatha cut down by the Khalid while the Khalid work to release something possible the Oppawang at some point seven years ago. There seem little we could do to help this lost soul move on.

With the Harvest tithe orders in it was decide to show the new blood the delights of the Keeper ship after the witching hour. A few of them were foolish enough to get keel-haul but in all a good time was had to the smaller hours of the morning.

Our scouts reported that a member of the celestial brotherhood was heading to the tea room for a late breakfast. Where myself and Rodan had a pleasant chat with him about various thing but did not learn much new beyond that releasing the Oppawang from his vessel was likely to bring the wraith of the four elemental Ochimo guardians of Air, Water, Earth and Fire down upon ourselves, while they isn’t a fifth for metal is just one of those strange foreign customs one meets on other planes.

At the tenth hour Master Rage appear and told us he had need for our warriors, but I was released only to attend the meeting at Keeper Cottage for exchange of knowledge on the process and alchemical items found to date. Lady Nimenae of the Keeper took charge of the information sharing. It seem we had a couple of potion for each recipe but we did not have either Master Nature or Master Justice Recipes. So a small delegation approach the two masters. Being part of the group that spoke with Master Nature, he was happy to tell us the ingredients and the recipe but not give up his master copy.

Shortly afterwards, Roland decided to allow Ulric and Cub Marry in a Bear Clan Ceremony, overseen by Jarl Murtagh.

At the Sun height an individual named Fen Kai appear at the Tea House, seeking answers about the mystery of his late father tabard. The tabard appeared to be a kern valley alliance Hospitaler (White with a red cross) with a strange gold broach on it. Other claim to know the story, having a bad feeling about it, we left well alone.

Shortly after Master Rage instructed us to do a census of the diseased amongst the gather festival nations to establish our below normal strength the unified force was. This task was simple enough and most nations were happy to provide the information. The only exception were the Keepers and the Horde, who we found together with Master Rage at the Ship. Here the Keeper seem reluctant to share but Roland manage to get the information only for the Horde to refuse to speak and while we try to get them to see the reason they attack Roland and Guthix, so we retaliate but been aware that we were guest in the Keeper home and they weren’t o blame for the Horde bad behaviour we focus on dropping the Horde. For some reason the Keeper gunnery officer got offended and start to besmirch the Asgard good name and intention, they his question our honour so naturally as the acting High shaman, I made it clear what a load of tosh he was talking. At this point Jarl Murtagh direct insult me, insinuating that Raven Clan Jarl was lesser than Bear Clan and he was in charge here. So I prompt cut him down for such insult all jarls of the Asgard, the office of the High Shaman Infighting and all of Raven clan.

At which point Ulric decided to charge me and engage in a fist fight for his Jarl. His loyalty should be commend if misplaced hence why I simply paralysed him with ice magic not kill him.

Rodan and Magnus drag Ulric away the in fight over and bored of the Keepers Roland order all the Asgard back to the Meadhall for a trial. Here Roland appoint Tyvus Skyborn to act as investigator and judge. Tyvus methodology did not met my satisfaction nor Murtagh defence that he was unarmed when I struck him. The fact Tyvus report to Roland accept equal fault, possible due to the influence of Master Rage nor did Roland instance of a knife Blood Dual or "Holmgang” to settle the matter. Which of three ties Murtagh was judge to win one with the other two being drawn. Then Roland added insult to injury when he declared that The Raven clan have lost ownership of one third their lands, stock and gold mines for 1 year to Bear, Here Murtagh show the sense of a Jarl and suggest they be administer for that year by Wolf Clan. While I remain deeply unhappy about this turn of events, I accept the rule of Wolf Clan, so be it.

We received a peculiar challenge to keep eight people no more no less in tavern for fifteen minutes to win eight pieces of gold, which we did with easy. I believe Magnus who lead and won this challenge did feel a bit embarrassed at the easy of it.

Scout reports of Interesting items to rob at the Tea House at the fifteen hour proved unfound, I suspect someone was just trying to stir up trouble.

The members of nation who were working on the cure sub-potions held an meeting to see what progress had being made no obtaining the ingredients It seem that we had found about eighty Alchemical ingredients but most of them were no use to us. It seem on average we had about our plus or minus two of each potion. The respective ingredients were given to those who need them.

However half pass the hour the first guardian the Air Ochimo arrived with her bodyguard to speak with a representative of the Laire Tinwé (Summer Stars). After a brief and secret conversation, the elves struck a deal and the majority of their faction enter the ritual circle to seal some sort of blood pact deal.

We were told by the bank that individuals who wish to get their last will and testament recorded need to give them to the Azan-an banker by fourth hour of the evening, which I kindly organise and wrote for them. I was pleased to see them leave all their world goods to the church of Orn.

Shortly afterward Chancellor Heron Blades turn up and said that as he did worship the Oppawang and was strong of mind and body he could safely contain the power and spirit of the Oppawang upon it release. The Laire Tinwé (Summer Stars) clearly told him no. So Heron blades gave them a demonstration of his power by mind control all those who had a blood oath to the Air Ochimo. Then he made all but one of the Laire Tinwé (Summer Stars) kneel at his feet. Then he lecture them before taking his leave.

Soon after Rage said a group of trouble makers were nearby and that they should all be killed. So we muster and went with Rage to a forest clearing beyond the Shadowfall Keepers ship. Here we found representatives of most nation along with a clear bunch of troublemakers. Seem the Warriors of Crimson Winter had try to explain the efforts to form a cure but these troublemakers seem to insult our efforts. Having heard enough the Halls of Asgard formed a shield wall and advanced upon the strangers, The cold Dawn put there shield war in the way and despite the lead stranger who turn out to be the Earth Ochimo guardian. The Asgard & Horde delivered it death to their respective masters.

About half an hour later a strange black fey creature with a hog like face came to the Laire Tinwé (Summer Stars) camp and told them off for letting the Earth Ochimo die as without that guardian the Oppawang could not be re-contain in the vessel. So a new Earth Ochimo would be need, to do that one of them would have to sacrifice themselves to become the new Earth Ochimo and if any of others Ochimo died then they will need to sacrifice additional members of their nation party to replace them.

At the seventh hour of the evening the Celestial Brotherhood arrived at Tea house for an update on the progress of the cure. It seem that we were still five ingredients short for a couple of the potions but not the Blood of war sub potion, so we turn the ingredients over Master Alchemist Istan Spellweaver and fifteen minutes later I had a vial of pink goo. Which I turn over to the inter-nation group organising the creation of the master potion cure.

So I decided to have a quiet drink at the Azan-an tavern where an interesting fey creature with red horns and a red skirt arrived. Interest to known more and try to repair some of the nations damaged relationships, I shared a drink with this spirit and it was going well, till other summer stars turn up and start their Elf superior propaganda and how they and implying they alone were the real saviours of Orin Rakatha. A reminder of their failure at the anchor breaking during the evacuation of the mirror Orin Rakatha brought out they usual revisionist history of how it was everybody else faults.

Soon I was brought news that Master Rage had ordered us to battle but to kill the water Ochimo Guardian – Since we knew we need the guardians we let slip the orders to the Laire Tinwé and when we took to the battle field we pretend to fall for obvious distraction tactic of the fake water Ochimo, but as a matter of pride we did then with our allies rout their delaying force in battle. It should be noted that Master Rage bizarrely attacked the Knight of Cold Dawn despite being on same side. From the Ochimo guardian were gained the last five ingredients for the sub-potions.

At the evening ninth hour the various sub-potions were made and we stood ready to start, as the squires had successful obtain the Oppawang vessel though it seems a couple of dragon had earned they wraith, along the way.

It took half an hour and the loan of a keepers bucket but the ritualist were prepare to start the ritual to combine the seven potions in the vessel to create the disease cure. It was decided that the Laire Tinwé Drow commonly known as Darkie was given the honour of leading the ritual, Given the high chance of disaster or death when the  Plague knight turn up, I agree to stay in tavern so we had an high ritualist in reserve if anything went wrong and need resurrection. The cure was created and shared around by Auraya of Laire Tinwé.

However as expect the Plague Knight turn up with minions and along with Roland watch with pride as the Asgard defend the ritual, I must note the following three Asgard died in defence of the final ritual to help save Shou-Lun from the pestilence and try to restrain the Oppawang.

However the Plague knight and his minions were defeated. However they were ten individuals who died but the Misthaven academy Professors Mrs. Ampersan Spellweaver and Mr. Istan Spellweaver offer to do a resurrection ritual for the fallen. The Laire Tinwé / Summer Star said there fallen warrior religious beliefs was against resurrection. Natural I went to help the Ritual only to be bar by Ampersan and told no other help was required. To say this raise my suspicion. So I choose to stay safe and watch the ritual closely to check all was right.

Then to my horror I watch then invokes as they invoke the powers of Void and Chaos to perform they resurrection. While in the dark it was unclear but while Ampersan performed the vocals, Istan seem to perform a second ritual hidden within the first, which seem to make use of some alchemical or void ball. At the end the ten individuals body rose but whether these things are the fallen return but tainted or just body inhabit by void creatures. Is unclear and despite my warning Roland just order the three to be kept under observation.

While the rules of Misthaven and my word of honour prevent me from direct action against either of the Spellweaver‘s, now there true colours are revealed they shall be closely observed.

Around the final hour of the evening the Oppawang took control of masters of lore and went to each nation camp demanding an story but the poor Vagrants of Dionaite weren’t home as they were spreading the warning and so when the Oppawang and Masters caught up with them, they massacre them and we could only watch as poor poops was decapitated.  Then Oppawang demanded the Asgard story, so in the rain outside the mead hall, I started to tell them a story but rather than add their voice in support the other Asgard and master start fighting. Trying to keep my focus but Oppawang clearly doesn’t appreciated classical Saga story and declared our story weak and to kill us. We fought against the enemies but we were overpowered. Thankfully our neutral priest was killed and was able to use the last of his innovation to get the Jarls back up. We then had a short hunt for poops head so the Vagrants of Dionaite could be attempt some sort of curing could be attempted, especially with the ritual circle now deactivated. The Laire Tinwé arrive and cure those who still need it, later we learnt bar for Laire Tinwé and the Forgotten, the Oppawang and masters attacked everybody else.

It seem shortly afterwards the Guardian arrive to turn one of the Laire Tinwé fey into the new earth Ochimo guardian, it seem the chosen Elf was not around so for the good of all the noble Drow Auraya of Laire Tinwé aka Darkie chose to make the necessary sacrifice to become the new Earth Ochimo. Once this was done the aura of serenities returned and things seemed restore with the bonus that the pestilence disease is now cured.


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