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The Grand Conjunction - by Kori

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4th Fire-day Hunting Moon PC0

Jarl Loki

Per your request for a report on the activities at the last gathering, please find a copy of my entry into the great Book of Neya.

The Gathering occurred by the Interim spiritual council reckoning six weeks have pass since the grand conjunction and the Asgard journey from the mirror plane to the real Orin Rakatha Before the gather, as per war instruction, I wrote a letter pleading clemency to the entry known as Crow to request Eagon soul return and the right to perform a late resurrection. Despite my best efforts to soften War original message, Crow still want into a rage and accused War and the Asgard of being disrespectful to her and death in general. Which is of course untrue.
However after several veil threats. Crow did carry out the ritual but in her spite, didn’t fully restore Eagon soul, keeping a piece for herself and thus turning him from a soldier of War to a soldier of Death. After taking the corpse back to the mead hall it soon became clear that Eagon ego was now larger and his emotions absent. The surprise when he announced that he was to be addressed as Dragon-Lord, despite Jarl Loki being Jarl of Dragon Clan and having previously rejected the title as self-promoting.

Around the eighteen hour the Shadowfall Judge Hellbright appear at the way-station tavern known as ‘The Festival’ around which the nations from the mirror realm had gather. Here he told us he was here as a representative of the oldest brother of the mystic Time aka Father Time. Here we learn thing hadn’t being quite as we first though. The grand conjunction had created a cataclysm on Orin Rakatha and re-shaped the land. While people from the former Kern Valley Alliance now know simply as the Valley or the voice of the mystic instead of the Shadowsfall being the law. However the immediate problem for the people of the Festival was it seem the mirror lens when it was first created a ripped a piece of Orin Rakatha out of the rest of the realm to create the mirror realm. With our return the piece of land had also being return adding to the re-shaping of the land. The biggest problem was that piece had contain a fragment of the mystics and those had also being return and re-activated, however the pieces of the yellow and the green were out of sync with the main mystic that the valley had got an agreement to rest at the temple of the four winds. Hellbright made it clear we would have to work together to choose a path suitable to us and bring Orin Rakatha missing piece back into a harmony with the rest of the realm.

Naturally we returned to the Mead-hall to strategize and drink.
At which point the two Ronin of the Wee Scunners arrived escorting Crow.
Crow then try to accuse Ari of trying to open another ritual circle at the last gathering to stop the Witch-finder General. Which I correct her on that no; only Scales of the Shadowfall Keepers and myself lead that effort to establishing a fake circle. Crow refute the truth saying her sources said a woman lead it. I point out to her as I lead the fake effort, I can said that source was 100% wrong.

After a tense moment of stand off Crow had another go at us, calling us irresponsible and said we had risk rupturing the well for power and destroying the local area if not the whole land, so if Crow caught anybody trying to open another well of power again they would have to answer to her then crow and her party left.

Eagon called an emergency council of the Jarls and shaman. After a brief discussion it was agreed that to avoid any further antagonizing of Crow and the ritual circle the Asgard would not run any rituals this day.

Having reviewed the secret scout point messages and not seen either Master Truth or War and not need commodities for rituals or trade. We settle down for a few hours’ tales telling and drinking around the fire.

Around the nineteenth hours members of other factions started to gather outside the Mead Hall as we had no issues at this time with the others we happily share drink and small-talk with them. Around the excellent fire Rafr had got going. It seem most of them felt that there had to talk with the Asgard about the local land exploration. Which surprise us, eventually one of the members of the forgotten show us the original message that said go talk with the traders of the Azan-Az (it seems that due to standard not being many people first language, Azan-Az had being mistaken for Asgard) Though some-people seem not to know that the Azan-Az are the way-station staff. However as everybody was comfortable and had drinks, there seem no great effort to relocate the conversation to the Festival Way-station.

Around this time of the twentieth hour, Lady of Battle Ari decide that her and I should go apologise to Crow formally and try to smooth things ahead of tomorrow potential engagements, plus we had reports of a Shrouded figure being near the gloomy wood trail around so hopefully we could then head on to investigate that after talking with Crow.

Ari manage to improve Crow mood slight but we learnt that the Keepers and the Wizards Concillium had manage to do ritual that seem to further upset the ritual circle. Indeed while it might be untrue what we gather from the tavern rumour mill was the wizards and there commodities were spat out after their ritual.

After speaking with Crow, Keeper Scales came over to talk to us about the high rate of ritual failure, the growing consensus was the commodities had lost power since returning and thus much more of the items were need if we want to run rituals successfully.

At which point the shroud figure appear and interrupt us. He announced that it was the Traveller (aka the Yellow mystic or supposedly good). He proceed that he judge the mortal who contaminated Orin Rakatha with their presence base upon all of the events of their lives, past, present and future.

He decreed that the Keepers were corrupt but not beyond redemption, while the Asgard were Evil and corrupted beyond salvation. The Traveller made it clear he felt the resent cataclysm was a good thing and he would complete the job by purifying the lands. Then the Traveller moved onto the summer stars camp. Where we later learnt that he deemed them to be good, despite a certain female Drow now officially being part of their camp!

We return to the mead hall to discuss this, the final consensus we reach was that the Traveller represented purity and not true good and as such finding a way to put him to sleep was an Asgard priority, to prevent him trying to purifying Orin Rakatha.

At the twenty-first hours based upon a scouts report of a powerful being that both the forest and the Fauna follow was heading for the sandy path. Ari and Ravenwolf lead Asgardian group to peacefully confront it and try to find out it intentions.
Others soon joined them and the Green appeared, who declared he was the Mystic of Nature (I do ideal wonder what Lore Master Nature, feels about that?).

It seemed the green seem to understand something was wrong as he keep saying his power was to limited and he couldn’t see beyond the forest edge. Then it wonders off to explore further.

Word soon reached us from our true allies that at roughly the same time a group of Dymwin and their undead creatures appeared along the Gloomy path heading for the ritual circle. Despite a spirited defence attempt lead by the Warriors of the Crimson Winter and the Knights of the Cold Dawn, the Dymwin necromancers were able to escape at the cost of sacrificing their undead creatures.

The Asgard was not at this battle as the Keisora was visiting us. This was a normal visit till the Dragonlord make an innocent joke, which the Keisora took great exception to. To the extend they left and then hiring some allies with the aim of launch a surprise attack at the Mead Hall later as part of an undeclared war upon the Asgard. 

Around two hours before midnight a group of Fire Elementals were reported to be heading towards Midway Path, Jarl Rodan lead a group of Eagles warriors and fresh recruits to intercept and destroy them. That Rodan reported was achieved without incident. However upon returning their found the mead Hall under seize by the Keisora forces the returns of Rodan force allowed the Asgard to win the battle, with the memorial scene of Rodan walking up behind the last two Keisora and put his daggers to their throats, without them noticing, till he told them to drop their weapons.

|In the aftermath the Keisora asked to speak with a leader other than Eagon, so I arrange a private meeting with Jarl Rodan Fern of Eagle clan. Much to my surprise there was open talk of rebellion against Dragon clan temporary rule. However Rodan and Keisora didn’t see the approach of Dragonlord Eagon, who overheard this plotting. He listened for a period but then left before the end content that he had identified Rodan as a key Rebel.

The Keisora were allow to leave with their tail between their legs, the Asgard happy this minor misunderstanding had being put behind everybody. Sadly the Keisora had decided on undeclared war so went looking for further allies over night.

All day the tavern rumour mill had reported that at Midnight all would hear the voice of doom at ritual circle. Aware of this rumour the Asgard Jarl Council agreed to dispatch guard to help Malcoda with protecting the ritual circle.

However upon the senior Asgard following the initial guards up to the circle we discover that the guards had being dropped by a creature with a dog like head. Who promptly used the death spell on anybody who wasn’t already kneeling to him. Then it demanded all those in the tavern way-station come out and kneel to him or he would kill everybody.

This creature identified itself as the Black Pharaoh a true child of Orin Rakatha herself he represented evil here and didn’t want us here. For unclear reasons he gave everybody a day to make peace before he would return and kill everybody. At some-point someone who wasn’t kneeling looted the people who were dead, thus leading to a large resource lost for several groups.

Crow and Malacoda organising the surviving ritualist to run a resurrection for all those who had being killed by the Black Pharaoh and could still be saved.
For reasons that are unclear the resurrection of myself prove more difficult than normal.

With that the factions withdrawn to their camps, post guards and went to sleep. However this night sleep didn’t come easily or prove restful for me.
As I had a dream vision that was clearly sent from the Asgardian god of peacekeeping Tulan. I dream that I had awoke in the old Wolfgar yurt around a fire, around which sat two other people, however something was wrong as half the furniture seem to be made up of an extra mirror copy of it self, which while clearly almost a separate item yet was still bound to the original by one anchor point usually on the further side from me. The colours of the mirror items also seemed a little washed out compare to the original item. My attention was drawn to the other people around the fire. While having only seen the first person in drawings I knew instantly that it was Tulan but his usually calm and happy face was fixed in an angry frown and without speaking he made clear via some kind of thought transfer made his Current displeasure with the warriors of the Brown Saga crystal clear and issued a direct warning not to use the ritual circle tomorrow for ritual abilities. With that message delivered he faded from sight and I was left with the only other person in the yurt. It took me a moment to realise that it was Vestor the Khalid Vampire Spy, who as he drink from his tankard asked the same question twice, “Why don’t you know the real time?”

Unable to answer the question, I awoke in the Dragon-lord yurt confuse by the lack of mirror furniture and direct encounter with an Asgardian God. Upon raising and washing I spoke with Ari and Eagon and we agreed that the first part of message was clear and so the order was given to perform no rituals this day and just deal with the consequences. The Question of the real time remains a mystery that despite heavy reflection and though no obvious answer comes; the interim spiritual council has dispatch an acolyte to search our records for further clues on this question.

4th Steel day Hunting Moon PC0

After Breakfast Ravenwolf and the new shield-maiden Brenda went up to the Festival Way-Station and submitted a short written tale of daring to Azad-an at the bar and Brenda map of the stars above camp the previous night In hope of winning the Azad-an prize.

At the eleventh hours our scouts reported troops wearing red were making their way towards the Near East Road. Here we encounter the Sons of Bethelim or the Horde, also waiting for the troops in Red. While the two groups eye each other the troops in red arrived and announced that they were the Saldorians. It seemed that they were followers of the Traveller and believed in purification of non-humans. Hence they made it clear they want to purify the Horde, while they had no problem with Asgard for some reason. So while we debate how we felt about these Saldorians the Horde attacked and had them on the back foot, deciding that we stand by the old Wolfgar words of equality, plus it looked a good fight and who wants to miss a good fight? The order was given and the Halls of Asgard joined the Horde in wiping out the Saldorians. Afterwards the Horde leader spoke with Eagon and told us for a small price, of the white horse plot against Loki being openly discussed in the Tavern by Asgard Rebels.

Upon returning to the tavern we encounter the Adventurers guild from the Valley at ‘The Festival’ way-station lead by Ambassador Kudos. He had two other individuals with him while I am not sure I believe the tall one in purple was called Rolph and a knight in black armour that I believe was called Sir Kylar. It seemed that since the Cataclysm reshaping of the land even the Valley as the voice of the mystics no longer know the lay of the land and where to find people, hence small groups like Kudos’ are being sent out to investigate and re-map the land and it surviving people. 

It seems that someone had reported our ‘Highlands’ appearance hence there arrival to investigate. It seemed that they didn’t recognise many of the factions at the festival. So they were naturally interested in meeting as many of them and learning their faction colours and nature. Given the Valley higher status on the real Orin Rakatha it seem sensible to try to established good relationship with them on behalf of the Halls of the Asgard. A trade of basic facts was made and it all seemed polite and promising for the future. At the end of the meeting their ask if there was anyone else they should meet so I took them down to the Wee Scunners camp and left them to the Wee Scunners hospitality.

With that meeting done I return to the mead hall to find Rodan was giving basic weapon training to the new rookies. Master Truth arrived not long afterwards to tell us that he had fail with the Mirror of Truth to find the location of the darkening Shadow as it seemed very powerful magic was shrouding it from his view, but he had identified a broken key that if fixed would reveal the location of the Shadowsmen darkening shadow

On a moment inspiration, I fetch the Broken Bronze Sword from the Asgard stores and ask him if this broken sword might be the key. Master Truth seemed to instantly recognise the sword and so was able to confirm this item was indeed the broken key. He asked to study if further so I handed the two halves over to Master Truth to study. Then both Master Truth and the Asgard got a nasty surprise when the parts of the sword flashed with magic and Master Truth screaming in agony drop the halves as if there were red-hot.

After a moment of shook Master Truth and checking that Master Truth didn’t require mortal first aid to his hands. He confirmed that “The Bronze Sword was Indeed the key we sought but it was laced with old magic fixing it would have three effects: -
1) It would reveal the location of the place of the Darkening Shadow to us
2) It would also bring back some of this old magic, something that neither Master Truth or his fellow brothers and Sisters Lore Masters would be happy about.
3) It would also unleash another old powerful entity that might be either a boon or a curse to the Asgard and the other people of Orin Rakatha.

I thanked Master Truth for his time and effort in helping us and again apologised for any accidentally injure cause by the bronze sword. Afterwards Dragonlord Eagon summoned another Jarls Council. Where the matter of the Bronze sword was discussed but the feeling was with Tulan ritual ban in place it was agreed that the Bronze sword re-unification was a matter for Loki and all the Jarls of the Asgard nation.

A mysterious summoning had appeared on the tavern wall last night asking for the high ritualist to attend the ritual circle at midday to meet the Master and Mistress of ritual circle. So at noon Ari and myself with a little escort of Rafr, Brenda and Ravenwolf attended the circle. We were greeted by Malcoda who was a bit surprised to see the ritualists and knew nothing of who might be considered the Master and Mistress of ritual circle. Thus he went off to find Crow. Malacoda soon return with Crow clearly not sure why the high ritualist had being summon. To add to the mystery of the situation Ambassador Kudos arrived seeking to study and commune with the ritual circle. After a private chat with Crow inside the ritual circle some sort of agreement was reached. Afterwards those gather had a further talk with Kudos and during this conversation we learned that a civil war rages between two mistweavers Ragamuffin Heartbreaker and Agamar Bonescraper. One who wants thing to remain as they are and one who wants a change in the nature of the mists. This mistweaver war is the reason they seem to be two type of Hordlings, the sillier talkative ones and the grim ones.
Kudos did repeated much of what he had said earlier but he did revealed that he Dark pharaoh was bound to their King and they should be able to established a link with him and with his guidance they should be able to deal with the shard in our lands. However we would need to deal with the shard of the Green and the Traveller ourselves He doubt we had the power to killed them but maybe we could convince them to go to sleep like the rest of them, or else by force of arms we might be able to beat them to sleep.

This seem an agreeable solution to those gathered, so Kudos left to return to his camp and communicated with their King and see how the Dark Pharaoh shard could be restore to the whole.

About two hours later while on our way to visit the Knights of the Cold Dawn for a drink, Master Truth meet us and told us that the Keisora, Cold Dawn and the forgotten had attack a group of Asgard and mug them out on the nearby dunes. At that moment the three members of the Forgotten also arrive, when question they had the audacity to accuse Master Truth of being a being a liar, now we can forgive being an opportunistic thief or mercenary of the Keisora but insulting Master Truth nature and our intelligence required a severe beating, which was due handed out to them. I believe the Shadowsfall or the wee scunners picking them up afterwards. Having giving out a lesion in manners to the Forgotten we march up to the fort and declared to a worry looking Master Ice and Knights of the Cold Dawn we were here to drink their beer with them. Which the KoCD found an acceptable situation, so we had a beer and chat about events so far. However Rodan repeat Eagle scouts had reported a sighting of the Shadowsmen nearby so leaving Ari and a bodyguard to talk and listened to the KoCD while we went in search of the Shadowsmen. While here a group in purple reveal to KoCD and Ari that our broken bit of Orin Rakatha had also brought back with us fragments of creatures and half remember old stories, these needs to be destroyed if the land was to be put back into harmony with the rest of Orin Rakatha.

While we found evidence of a recent Shadowsmen camp we didn’t get any engagement but we later learnt from our allies that a reasonable large fight had occur between half the forces of the festival and a group of squid faces creatures called mind flails and their sub-human servants known as “Grimlocks” in the forest to the east of the Waystation. Later talks with Ambassador Kudos reveal that Mind Flails feed on the thoughts on mortals people, so their death was a good thing all round.

Around the fourth hour after mid-day the two Ronin of the Wee Scunners approach myself and Ari to discuss doing a ritual of thanks to the ritual circle to try and heal the strange balance between ourselves and the circle over the fake ritual circle at the last event. We did hum over this request not because we had a problem for the reason or the request but we did have Tulan instructions not to do any rituals. We discuss this problem over with the two Ronin and Dragon-lord Eagon. Not reaching a happy position, we went with the Ronin over to Malcoda university tent and discuss the situation with him. Here they seem to be two radical different theories on the nature of the ritual circle the wee scunners Ronin see the Ritual circle as a living thing with a personality, while Malacoda sees it as a mechanism for connecting with more powerful entities. I can not offer an opinion on which theory holds more ground but to my mind at this time, what I would say is I believe the ritual circle has it own personality, but that might be a fragment of past rituals and ritualist left in the circle.

Eventually it was agreed that only I and not Ari would perform the ritual of thanks with the high ritualist of the vagrants and the Ronin of the wee scunners but as well as thanking the Ritual circle we would thank Tulan for his guidance and help.
The ritual did attract a few bystanders but seem to go smoothly enough. The Ronin offer there thanks and went in search of the others they believed had upset the circle.

Much of the rest of the afternoon and evening was spend on running battles and fights with members of the Keisora Dynasty.
At one point having with help of the KoCD, Warriors of the Crimson Winter and under a banner of truce that they broke they try to permanently death Eagon. The Warriors of crimson winter wanted no part so they pick up the other Asgard. So while Ari kept them talking I try to raise the forces, but was re-buffed by Rodan, who lead a group of rebels Asgard away “to do a more important mission,” Leaving only Yawn, Rafr, Ari, her son Ulkor and myself to try and take on the full force oft here two factions, however before any of us could organise a plan, Yawn charge into the Keisora and was cut down again. Rafr then disappeared to try and get aid from the Legion. Leaving me circle the Keisora trying to identify a way to get first aid to our Lord.

I believe Ari words were getting through to the Keisora about they dishonourable behaviour when the Legion arrived lead by Master Shadow, who as the Keisora principal Master made his displeasure with their activities crystal clear. 

The Keisora allow the Warriors of the Crimson Winter to cast cure mortal on Eagon before withdrawing. However the Event ending with a state of War between the Asgard and the Keisora official being declared by both faction leaders.

The legion joined us for a fight against them. Eventually an honour fight was agreed to settle the insult that Rodan promptly lose. Eagon spent several minutes berating the unconscious Rodan for losing. Afterwards we agreed to bury the hatchet with Keisora in the back of the shape shifter as the Summer stars having learnt the base of it location wanted our help in dealing with it and its minions. To say the shape shiftier face went pall when he saw the full force of the Asgard, Legion, Keisora, Summer Stars plus a few members of other factions descending upon his camp. His force was put to the sword in a glorious battle. The Shape shifter first cowardly act of suicide was stop by the leader of the legion knocking the weapon from his hands. Allowing the Summer stars to integrate him for further information before he manage to grab a poison berry off a nearby Tree and kill himself. The march home was full of cheering and good time tales. Though the issue between Rodan, his son and Eagon come up in the battle and in the battle aftermath.

At the seventeen hour we learn that Ironfist and Prince Salamander had assemble a force of the broken stories on the nearby dunes, determined to put this matter to an end but suffering a war wound Eagon grant me the privilege to lead the Asgard body to the Dunes to destroy this force.

Upon arriving at the Dunes we found a large force assemble at the top of the dunes, I estimate we outnumber somewhere between six to ten to one and no sign of any allies. I looked into the eyes of Jarl Rodan and the rest of the Asgard and knew we would fight alone for the greater good if need to be. To give Rodan time to ready our small party for manoeuvring and hope some allies arrived. I approached the enemy and given them the ultimation of surrender and be dealt with reasonable or die in battle. Sadly they clearly refused the offer by laughing.

Just then the members of Legion arrived and we agreed to try and work our way round and up the hill to the right side. Surprisingly Ironfist forces allowed us to do this. Even with the arrival of Legion and our combined shield wall we still were heavily outnumber somewhere around three to one. Never the less we spoke the ancient prayer of praise to our ancestors.

Lowe thow do I see thy father,
Lowe thow do I see thy mother brother and sisters,
Lowe thow do I see the line of my people back to the beginning,
Oh how they call me to sit beside them in the halls of Valhalla were only the brave may live.

Fortified we stood ready to charge and die like Heroes, when the Wizards Concillium and the Vagrants shown up.

This meant a delay while we wait for them to get up the hill and into formation with the legion and ourselves on our lower left side. However while we did this, a floating sword advanced upon us and attacks our shield wall. Unable to wait, I gave the agreed signal for the Asgard and the legion to launched our attack and hoped the wizards and vagrants would follow us in. The Battle was brutal and many warriors fell was raised by the healers and fell again to be healed once more as we push our attack home. By skill of arms we were to cut down the bulk of the enemy forces but the mysterious floating sword, Ironfist and Prince/Salamander lord did take special effort. I understand the Wizard took the sword out and then rustled it away in the aftermath for reasons unknown. Ironfist was the last man standing for the enemy and was shouting defiantly even as he was overwhelmed. While it hard to be sure who got the last killing blow, those Asgard close enough seemed to think that it was Rodan Son and heir to Jarl of the White Horse Clan Edico, who got it.

However recalling Ambassador Kudos warning about Ironfist, I acquired the sharpest sword on the field (barrowed from the legion) and while the Asgard and Legion stood over Ironfist corpse, I formally beheaded Ironfist and made sure the head was thrown a long way into the scrub from the body to prevent any last minute resurrection.

As Sunset we received an invite from the Wee Scunners to their camp to join them for Haggis Pancakes, which we duly took them up on and received an excellent feeding. Master Truth arrive to sample the food as well, during the meal he and Eagon had a long discussion on something but it clearly wasn’t a happy discussion but clearly our focus need to be resolving the matter with the matters with the Green and the Yellow and hope the Valley can deal with the Keisora later.

Come the Seventh hour of the evening an agreement had being reached by the factions and the group split into two, those with negotiation skills were sent to try and convince the Green to go to sleep willing, while those who were warriors were sent to beat the Yellow to sleep. 

Those send to talk with the Green were able to convince him of the truth of the situation and he agreed to go to sleep till the originally agreed time. They then were able to withdrawn to their camp and tavern for a well-earned drink, till they received the request for their assistance from the brave warriors of “The Battle of the Gloomy Wood Trail”.

Those sent to make the Traveller see sense had a very different time as they engage the Traveller and his bodyguard of four Halmadons Heights Knights in what is now known as “The Battle of the Gloomy Wood Trail”.
The Battle started at the top of the Gloomy Wood Trail adjacent to the Shadowsfall Keeper, with the arrival of the Traveller and his Halmadon Knights. The gather warriors formed a solid shield-wall in a ‘U’ Shape around the Traveller. A token attempt was made to talk to the Traveller but as there were no members of the Summer Stars or the Legion as they had all gone to deal with the Green, he refuse to hear us as we were all corrupt. So Battle was joined.

The Halmadon were to be fair all good warriors as once would expect but the biggest problems was they weren’t stupid and that the Traveller cast cure mortal Halmadons Heights knights about every thirty seconds. So they stay close to the traveller to stay within range of the spell, so every time we knock them down the Traveller got them back up and every time they got one of us down we had enough shields and healers to get the fighters back up. With the result a total stalemate occurred.

The Longer this occupied the more insane ideas people shouted out, so the one sane idea of drawing the Halmadon away and encircling them was lose in the other bad ideas. Still we did found out that when the Halmadon knights were out of position; we could launch a direct attack on the Traveller (and as we later learnt the cost of hurting the Traveller was the person doing the attack received the same wound). As far as we could tell hitting the traveller just drop the attacker. So it is unclear how much damage we had done when some stupid mage start to cast Cure Mortal on the Traveller.

During a pause in the battle the other and myself more learner members of the force try to shout the truth at the Traveller in the hope maybe we could get it to see beyond the corruption and see the truth. However to no avail for as soon as the Halmadon knight got a second wind they made a point of targeting anyone who was trying to talk not fight.

Happy at this turn of events the Traveller ordered the Halmadon Knights to move forwarded through the defences. This strategy was successful for the traveller but it meant that we finally got to isolated his two rear guard knights and cut them down.
In the rush to get after the others and the Traveller some people seem to be walking over the down knight, an unnecessary disrespect in the situation. So being every respectful of a valid enemy warrior I move one off the path and stood by the other to ensure those pursuing didn’t trip or accidentally step on the body.

So was well position to warn those at the back of one of the Halmadon knight had circle back to attack us from the rear. He did fell some brave warriors but he was soon down by others.

By the time I caught up with the front line the other Halmadon Knight and so only the Traveller was standing and “Darkie” the Drow of the Summer Stars was trying to talk some sense into him. As seemingly the Traveller consider Darkie a pure enough person to listen to.

However the Traveller seem to consider his siblings fools without drive or purpose for going to sleep he would create another cataclysm and kill off all those he didn’t consider pure. He mock the gather heroes saying that we could cut it down but we would have to accept taking the same hit back but we wouldn’t do it as we had no sense of self-sacrifice because we were corrupt and evil.

Well those there, showed their true good and ability for self-sacrifice by setting up a conveyer belt of attackers and healers to get the hits in. Then those with magic power and resistant to that power start to blast away at the traveller, which did lead to an interest back and forth on one cause mortal spell as it was reflected back and forth till the caster magic defences wore out.

Then with a final blow the traveller collapse to the ground and his last spell a mass cause mortal was released, drop nearly all the heroes of The Battle of the Gloomy Wood Trail collapsing as well.

The Battle was over.

In the aftermath the few healers with protection to Cause Mortal fetch other healers and pick up the brave warriors. The weary warriors went back to the festival Tavern for a well-earned drink.

At the days Twentieth hours Members of the “Citadel of the Valley” the so-called Justari of the mystics arrived at the Shrouded east road, wish to know our intention, given the weariness of myself and the other warriors from the Battle of the Gloomy Wood Trail, I can’t honestly say if anyone did go out to meet them or if they were indeed informed of our intention but at that point I doubt I could have sum up a more of a honest intention of just going to my bed and being done for the day. However all of us knew the Black Pharaoh was returning at midnight and the valley would need us to do something.

As Midnight approached the scouts reported that the Black Pharaoh was incoming and everybody was too weary to fight and so they knelled or try to but many bodies were so stiffed or battle damaged they could only crouched. So factions try to get into the shadows or crouched together to hide the problem.

Sadly the Dark Pharaoh wasn’t satisfaction and so just cast a mass cause mortal over everybody. Indeed it ended up that only Crow and a few Summer stars and Keisora members were left standing.

According to what I learnt later, the Valley arrived and via some power spoke with the voice of the true dark Pharaoh and convinced the shard to relent and return to the rest of itself.

It took some convincing but finally it agreed and told Crow to pick somebody for permanent death. I believe some one did volunteered, to which the Pharaoh death and then told Crow pick somebody else. Crow finally made a choice at the cost of another piece of her soul and the Dark Pharaoh used the released soul power to reverse his Cause Mortal to Cure Mortal. Then he demanded the gathered factions confirm they acceptance of the laws of the Mystics and that they would abide by them.

To prevent Eagon saying something we would all later regret I quickly agreed on behalf of the Asgard. The other factions quickly followed suit, the last answer came from Mimic who said on behalf of the Sons of Bethelim they would obey the Laws of the Mystic like they obey all laws.

With that the Dark Pharaoh left with the Valley guild of adventurers. Bring this gathering to an end.

So end this report on events at the last gathering.

Shaman of the Raven Clan

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