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Potion Making

Players can arrange to have potions made once they have researched or found the recipe and have the appropriate components. The Potion makers of the Azad-An at the Tavern will be able to help you with this. Potions are able to replicate any of the Herofest LARP Spells


Favour is a representation of your Factions standing in the world, your reputation and renown, and is earned through your deeds. There is no phys rep. for Favour any more, but it is recorded by Herofest LARP, as each year, Factions, and the Nations they represent, are required to gain enough Favour so that Mystics of Orin Rakatha will grant them their Lands for another year. This tally occurs at a Time of Reckoning, which will be announced by the Voice of the Mystics - The Valley.


The primary currency of Orin Rakatha, the Gests comes in a 5 or 20 Gest note. It is issued by the Reader and policed by their allies the Azad-An.
These can also be banked and carries over to the next event


These can be acquired from the Azad-An at the tavern. The cost to acquire these is the same cost as noted under the spell descriptions, and they may also be bought for Gests.
These can be banked and carried over to the next event


The Azad-An staff the tavern at Herofest, and as they form the financial security for the Reader, all Factions are able to bank their gains with them at the bar.
It should be noted that this facility is a deposit only facility, and closed at 11:00pm on Saturday night. Anything not banked by this point will be lost.

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