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Health in Herofest LARP

Each LARP character has only one hit per location (5 hits in total – body, both arms and legs – head only for those who use shields).  When LARPing, if a weapon strikes a location it ceases to work and cannot be used until it is healed.  It is not possible to remove/sever locations or to take multiple hits to one location – once a location ceases to work it can take no further damage.  Players with damaged locations should not use them.

If a player is struck upon the body (or the head if applicable), they must retire from combat immediately, and find a suitable place to lie down, as YOU CANNOT BIND YOUR OWN WOUNDS WHEN INJURED IN THE HEAD AND BODY.   

Bind Wounds

Only Healers or players who have taken the first aid skill are able to use bandages and therefore bind a characters wound; this includes being able to bind their own wounds.  It takes one minute to bind either your own or another characters wound; once bound, the location can be used again as normal.  In order to bind a wound, a bandage must be placed upon the damaged location and you must role-play staunching the wound for one minute.  Individuals who play a LARP Healer character are advised to carry a sufficient quantity of bandages in order to bind wounds; bandages can be re-used.  To bind wounds you must have both hands free and cannot perform any other action whilst using this skill or whilst having this skill used on you by another character.  If you are interrupted before you have spent one minute binding a characters wound, you must start again once the interruption has gone.  Bandages may be removed from a characters location fifteen minutes after they have been applied. It is advisable for all characters when LARPing to carry their own bandages in case healers have run out, this way you can still be healed.

Characters with the First Aid skill are also able to Discern Nature of Wounds - where they spend 10 seconds checking over an injured person, and then they can ascertain where they are wounded. They can then apply their bandages to the suitable location.

Mortal Wounds in HeroFest LARP

If every location is struck before any location has been bandaged then the character is considered to have a mortal wound. Mortal wounds cannot be cured by the use of bandages.

A mortally wounded character can only be healed by a Cure Mortal Potion or Spell, and this must be done within 5 minutes of being mortally wounded.


Death in HeroFest LARP

It is possible for a character to die within the Herofest LARP world. If you receive a mortal wound and you cannot receive the appropriate Healing within 5 minutes then you are dead. Your Faction will explain what happens to you should death occur. Death is a part of any live action role playing event and the fear of this happening is one of the main things that LARPing so much fun.

Resurrection in Herofest LARP

Characters can be resurrected via the Ritual of Resurrection, but it is rumoured that there is only a finite number of times a character can be resurrected before they are permanently slain, and this is believed to be 4 times

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